Help Greta Stop AGING and Start YOUTHING…
SO That You, Too, Can Benefit from Gene Therapy


Funding Aging Research


By supporting our “See the Future” campaign, you will directly help a person in need get access to cutting edge therapeutics and make a crucial step to ensue YOU see the future. In fact, it should ultimately lead to affordably REVERSING your own aging process with the emerging miracles of cutting-edge gene therapy.

We chose Greta (see young and current photos) because of her tireless efforts over two decades supporting aging research, and by walking the longevity talk. But as you can see, in spite of her best efforts, she is aging like the rest of us.

Here’s how it works:

MaxLife finds a deserving candidate in need of anti-aging treatments, doctors collect her health data, you donate to her campaign, and when the campaign has raised enough money the candidate gets the therapy.

Now the good part starts! The before and after data from how well the therapy works is analyzed. By understanding the benefits of treatment, this analysis expedites therapies to you. By speeding up drug development, you become a direct beneficiary of your own good will.

Greta is bored and frustrated by our culture’s preoccupation with semantics. “Anti-Aging”, “Longevity”, “Life Extension” are all acceptable words to describe the battle against time that we all fight.

But Greta, like we at MaxLife, prefers to characterize endeavors such as healthy eating and exercise habits, cutting-edge supplementation, and new goals at any age as YOUTHING.

If you, as Greta and as we do, realize that this stage of life we’re in is really like a second teen age, you’ll become excited about the possibilities ahead of all of us, rather than depressed at what some consider the inescapable realities of time passing.

When, other than in your teen age, have you enjoyed more TIME?

Many have raised a family, gotten a career off the ground, conquered several worlds, and even retired. You even get an allowance (Social Security, retirement payouts) on a regular basis! Time to party like a teenager.

OH, wait. Back up. That’s right. You have achy joints, separated rotator cuffs, painful, arthritic joints, declining muscle mass, and waning energy.

As Greta says, “Bummer. I thought I was impervious.” Did you, like her, think you would never feel like those old people you loved and looked up to as a kid?

Youthing and enjoying your second teen years is going to take more than sexy semantics and a positive outlook. It will take a lot of thinking outside of the box and cohesive teamwork.

So, let’s get to it. We’re asking that you help fund a therapy for one of our (as in yours and ours) team so that we may all benefit. The more the better, but even donations equal to the price of a Starbucks add up, especially if you share this message with your friends, and they kick in too.

Yes, it’s a bit unusual to fundraise to rescue a healthy, AGING (as we all are, face it) woman from aging, isn’t it? After all, most of these types of fundraisers are for children or adults fighting terminal diseases.

But Greta, like you we assume, has lived a full life. Shouldn’t she, like you, (many would say) be ready to step aside? Greta Blackburn, our pioneering teammate, says:
“Absolutely not. We’re part of a whole new paradigm, a new era, a frontier. We Boomers don’t see ourselves the way our Mothers and Fathers and those of earlier times did. The former status quo of aging simply doesn’t interest us. We’re like gunslingers in the Wild West forging new territory.”

But Greta, like all of us, is in fact, facing a terminal condition… AGING! And she’s not happy about the inevitable prospects for aging humans given even the best scenarios.

We suspect that you view your own aging process with less than pleasure.

If so, then DONATE NOW.


Greta is typical of today’s aging boomers who always believed themselves invincible. Can you relate to torn rotator cuffs and overused, arthritic knees that hurt like a toothache on steroids every night? Do you hate to admit that yes, your energy for family and loved ones is less than optimal? Has your sexy lost its sass? Then join us and get SASY (Stop Aging & Start Youthing)

By joining SASY you become a “member” of a club like no other.

First: You fund this team member’s (Greta’s) gene therapy. Every dime counts in this final battle against Father Time. Furthering this research moves you and everyone you love and care about further down their own road to YOUTHING as it brings future costs down.

Our goal is SASY as a reality for everyone, not just wealthy elites. (Click here for more about Greta and why we chose her. Click here for the science behind the therapy we’ll be furthering.)


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