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Methuselah Project



Methuselah Project

Raising Awareness for Aging Intervention


Funding Aging Research

The Methuselah Foundation is an organization of professional and non-professional volunteers who are dedicated to raising the awareness of the potential for near-term science-based aging interventions using modern technologies. With the map of the human genome and the power of supercomputers to guide them, competitors for monetary prizes sponsored by the Foundation are racing to be the first to develop real anti-aging therapies. The Foundation believes that the use of competitive financial awards will capture the interest of researchers and the public, drawing attention to the very real possibility that the aging process and the consequent occurrence of age-related disease may be slowed, reversed and possibly avoided altogether.

The ultimate goal of the Foundation is nothing less than the defeat of age-related disease and the extension of the healthy human lifespan. Through the private donations of individuals and organizations who share this common vision, the Foundation has become an agent of change in turning the attitude of grudging acceptance of age-related decline to one of defiance. The Foundation is helping give voice to the desire for the longer healthier life spans that science is making increasingly clear are available if we work together to use the tools of present day against an ancient problem. Aging is a thief that robs the world of its most precious resource; wisdom and experience, while at the same time placing increasing burdens on already strained health care systems. The best way of dealing with the issues of aging and age-related disease is to attack the root of the problem, aging itself.

Join us and draw your line in the sand.

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