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Manhattan Beach Project


Manhattan Beach Project

Assault on the Human Aging Process


Funding Aging Research

The "Manhattan Beach Project", is the focused and targeted all-out assault on the human aging process. Similar to the "Manhattan Project", it set definite deadlines and ambitious goals. Some involve the reverse of aging by 2033, to deliver affordable extreme health and life-extension to humanity and as a business to have the life extending technology affordable for everyone.

MaxLife's Advisory Boards are comprised of some of the top Anti-Aging Scientists and Doctors in the world, as well as top business, marketing and financial minds. Our core team includes many of the world's preeminent anti-aging scientists in the fields of genetics, genomics, stem cell, gerontology, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence with a visionary entrepreneurial leadership team holding seasoned management and industry experience who continue expanding MaxLife's alliances and technologies to universities, companies, and international markets.

Our present business ventures will involve integrate biotechnology, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence for the specific purpose of controlling aging such as advances with molecular biology, organ and tissue regeneration, post genetics, gene therapy and more.

Science has already led to developing products and technologies like tissue engineering, genetic engineering, stem cell therapy, and genome reengineering, but more recent discoveries have revealed other breakthroughs. Some include a nutraceutical which is expected to be developed within the next 12 months to slow the aging process and the development of natural peptides with the ability to manipulate genes, regulate aging, and treat or avoid diseases by expressing genes that cause them.

Some people would ask how the company's goals are accomplished so fast. It is mostly because of this exponential growth. The 21st century is projected to achieve 20,000 years of progress at the rate of progress we saw in 2000 –1,000 times greater than we witnessed in the 20th century. The 50% annual deflationary factor for instance continues to increase which means necessary research tools are getting faster, more powerful and cheaper.

The "Manhattan Beach Project" offers not only investments but also many opportunities to the scientific community to aid in the research and development of anti aging. Even to be the leader in the emerging trillion dollar industry. Every new discovery made by our business continues to bring health and prosperity to the world and help save many of the 100,000 lives lost to aging every day.

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