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Funding Aging Research

This fast-track plan, known as The Manhattan Beach Project, will serve as a guide for making decisions on which experiments and technologies are critical to treating the diseases of aging and defeating senescence. (Its seeds were planted at a June 2000 international aging conference for scientists in Manhattan Beach, California.)

To execute this plan, Maximum Life Foundation supports both public and private research on the aging process, and we foster cooperation between academic and industry labs. For instance, the field of ?interventive gerontology? is just beginning to blossom, and Maximum Life Foundation will play a key role in supporting it.

The Foundation is also committed to aiding anti-aging researchers in commercializing their technologies so the advances in the lab can reach the public much sooner than would otherwise be the case.

Currently, researchers who want to create a new biotech company are faced with the daunting tasks of raising funds, recruiting management and finding laboratory space, as well as dealing with the hundreds of tiny administrative details necessary to start a company. Maximum Life Foundation is creating services to eliminate these problems for researchers so they can focus on perfecting real life-extending technologies.

Maximum Life Foundation identifies anti-aging private investment opportunities and brings seasoned venture capital managers who earned billions of dollars for their private investors. A cornerstone of these services, and the execution of The Manhattan Beach Project, is the MaxLife Accelerator Fund. This fund will ultimately provide a home for researchers trying to start their own anti-aging research companies. In addition, the incubator will serve as a physical and virtual ?hub? for anti-aging researchers from around the world to come and cross-pollinate ideas.

Most molecular and cell biologists feel that once we have a better understanding of the majority of our genes and the proteins they produce, controlling the aging process is inevitable. And understanding more about how aging works should shortcut finding cures for aging related diseases. The human body is a wonderfully complex machine. Deciphering the aging process is simply a matter of continuing to figure out how that machine works.

Therefore, the Foundation is exploring every possible avenue to speed up research on the disease processes associated with human aging. It is the hope of the members of the Foundation that the tremendous economic, social and emotional costs of human aging can be greatly reduced through this effort.

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