It’s a sad fact that only about 5% of any given population rises to the top of the wellness meter. Surprisingly, the differences between this “elite” group and the other 95% boil down to unbelievably simple mundane habits. In fact, “habits” is the most appropriate term I can pick.

The “lucky” 5% learned, either by accident or design, simple lifestyle steps that they incorporated at some point into their lives. The secret is these steps became so routine that they barely have to think about them.

They became habits.

A close friend calls the secret to optimal healthy longevity “sustainability.”

That means you separate yourself from the 95% who tend to suffer more and die sooner by doing simple things that they don’t, and you do them day-in and day-out.

You move a little more. You eat a little less. You substitute some nourishing foods for some harmful foods. You take your supplements regularly. You take at least a few moments each day to consciously de-stress.

Skipping these no-brainers could literally mean life or death.

You don’t need to be a fanatic about any of it.

How hard is it to take a few flights of stairs instead of an elevator… and at least get in some brisk walking every day?

Or to use smaller dishes instead of filling up dinner plates?

Or a low effort step – taking your key supplements every day?

It’s just as easy to consciously relax or briefly meditate once or twice a day as it is to let stress build.

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David Kekich

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