Transcending aging is an uphill battle as it is, made even tougher when we must fight the battle to capture the minds and the imagination of key movers, if not the public.

The words we read and hear, the things we observe, are all neatly filed away in our subconscious and shape our personalities and attitudes. That’s why it’s so important to carefully select your environment and to question and filter your thoughts and information that your conscious mind processes.

Be on the alert for phrases that set you up for terminality. “For the rest of your life,” “You can’t live forever,” “The only things that are certain are death and taxes” and other such phrases may seem harmless, but they eat away at your psyche. Self-fulfilling prophesies that undermine your attitude and shorten your life.

They discourage empowering behavior that strengthens your resolve to not only initiate anti-aging lifestyle choices… but to also make a conscious effort to overcome the ages-old deathist meme that infects nearly everyone.

It’s that meme that causes us to automatically react in a negative way to external stimuli. We are bombarded all day with visual, audio, taste, smell and touch stimuli. And we tend to automatically react to each one without thinking.

Automatic response could be beneficial in most situations. Harmful in others.

We simply react as we learned to do. If you put your finger on a hot stove, or if a careless driver pulls in front of you, you react defensively. Self-preservation. If someone smiles at you, you tend to brighten up without thinking.

What most don’t realize is, there is a short but definite time lag between stimulus and response. In other words, you have an opportunity to consciously respond to words and phrases rather than taking them at face value.

In other words… you are free to choose. In fact, you are simply a product of the sum of your life’s choices. This will be true this same time next year. So, the time to start is always NOW.

Let’s take the word “aging.” You can accept it as a reminder of life becoming a downward spiral… or you can respond to it as an opportunity and as a reminder to proactively do something about.

It might remind you to go to the gym or take your daily walk or run, even though you don’t quite feel like it.

Written or spoken words… or self-talk… can kill or cure you. Stay alert to the type of words I mention. And when you hear them, practice reacting consciously to build on them, rather than passively letting them weaken you.

More Life,
David Kekich

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