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Longevity News Alert delivers all the weeks life-extending news, including any and all research breakthroughs in an easy to digest summary format. Some news will benefit people suffering from specific diseases or conditions.

01 MarI used to Admire Warren Buffet

Longevity News Digest I used to Admire Warren Buffet Dear Future Centenarian, That was until a few years ago, when I started noticing him drinking Coke on nearly every one of his media appearances I can't blame him for investing in profitable companies like Coca-Cola After all,

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01 MarFine Line between Wellness and Death

Longevity News Digest Should Supplements be Regulated Dear Future Centenarian, A few weeks ago, I got this email from a close friend: œHerbal meds pulled from Walmart, Target, GNC, and Walgreens after government testing shows that 79% of samples tested have NONE, that is, ZERO, of

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27 FebFine Line Between Wellness and Death

Dear Future Centenarian, There’s an extremely narrow margin between almost everything good and bad in life Ultimately, it shrinks to a black and white difference The grey area (not in a hair sense) starts disappearing with age The good news is, you control that margin In fact, only you It’s

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01 FebThe ONLY Technology that Can Rescue You?

Longevity News Digest [spacer]The ONLY Technology that Can Rescue You Dear Future Centenarian, First, a story: Did you know the electric defibrillator was invented in 1788 But the public viewed bringing people back from the dead as macabre¦ only to be reinforced in 1818 with

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