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Longevity News Alert delivers all the weeks life-extending news, including any and all research breakthroughs in an easy to digest summary format. Some news will benefit people suffering from specific diseases or conditions.

02 FebWhat is Your Addiction?

Dear Future Centenarian, You almost certainly have at least one And the temporary comfort it gives you could very well cost you your life Almost all of us are unknowingly addicts When we use that A word, it generally conjures up images of someone struggling with hard to shake drug, alcohol,

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25 JanThe Man Who Saved My Life

Dear Future Centenarian, Three weeks ago, I told you about a health challenge and that I would send you details There’s a health and longevity lesson here for you Two in fact, so read on I spent decades tinkering with my diet A few months ago, I found myself growing weaker and weaker

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19 JanMost Information You Get is Wrong

Dear Future Centenarian, "The most expensive information in the world is bad information" My cousin Rich told me, that when he was in high school in the ‘70s, one of his science teachers told the class not to believe 90% of the news And here we thought ‘fake news” was a new

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12 JanTwo Experts on Why People Act Against Their Self Interest

Dear Future Centenarian, The four weekly newsletters you got starting the third week in November described in detail how to best help you convince those you love most (and anyone else) to improve their lifestyle habits to avoid disease and suffering… and to add youthful years In a

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