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A Deliberately Provocative Question

posted on July 23, 2007

If you knew technologies over the next few decades could deliver to you a chance for an open-ended youthful lifespan, how much would you donate to the research?

Say you want to live a much longer, healthier life. Would you help to achieve that goal by donating 90% of your net worth in support of research? If so, when? When you are terminally ill when it would probably be too late? Years or decades down the road? How about now? If not, how much?

There are no right answers in consideration of personal economic choices, but these are question you might ask yourself. Wealth at any level is worthless to the dead, and being alive and healthy allows you to generate more wealth. Logically we should all be willing to devote most of our net worth to longevity research at the most effective time. If we can buy time with money – and we can begin to now in earnest, for the first time in history, by supporting the research that will lead to the first healthy life extension medicine – then we should all be in that market.

MaxLife believes the tiniest fraction of most wealthy individuals™ net worth or annual income could reverse aging in less than 30 years. It also believes most of the money could be invested¦ not donated¦ in for-profit enterprises. More on this topic in a week or two.

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