Qualifications for Study Admission (Inclusion Criteria):

  • Probable dementia based on the diagnosis criteria of NIA-AA guideline (the U.S. National Institute on Aging and Alzheimer’s Association guideline, McKhann et al, 2011 from your neurologist’s evaluation;
  • Male or female, 50 years and older;
  • All patients recruited into this study must meet MMSE score ≤24 points, patients with MMSE score as 21-24 points will be enrolled into mild group, patients with MMSE score as 10-20 points will be enrolled into moderate group;
  • Must provide current PET or MRI Scan of your brain and agree to provide follow-up scans and neurological evaluations;
  • Have a reliable caregiver who can accompany the patient to the site at patient’s expense to complete the required study procedures;
  • Provide the informed consent.

Exclusion Criteria:

  • Patients with severe aphasia or physical disability who were unable to complete neuropsychological examination;
  • Patients with mental illness;
  • Patients with a history of alcoholism and drug addiction, or traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, encephalitis, normal-pressure hydrocephalus and other neurological disorders causing cognitive impairment;
  • Patients with systemic diseases causing dementia (e.g. liver and kidney insufficiency, endocrine disorders, vitamin deficiency);
  • Subjects who are unwilling or unable to abide by the study requirement.
To apply, please send an email to info@integrated-health-systems.com