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Dear , First, my best wishes as we acknowledge the passing of what I hope was a happy and healthy year for you! So yes, another year… and we take a second to reflect on many things, including the march forward of ‘Father Time’. That ‘March’ won’t stop, but there is plenty we have learned…
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Be a Well Adjusted Animal

Dear Future Centenarian, It takes a lot of things to navigate the pitfalls of life. Brains, guts, good people skills, a bit of luck, vast amounts of energy and drive… ... and the kind of motivation that kicks you in the butt every morning. Yes, all of that stuff, and more. But the PRIMARY thing you…
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Did You Know there are Life Stones?

Dear Future Centenarian, I was attending a cryonics longevity seminar years ago when I started playing with words. The first was… Life Stone instead of tombstone That really makes sense for the cryonics community, since we expect to transcend death under ideal conditions. But what should these stones be made of? A few come to mind, but you…
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Introducing Amazing New Brain Booster

Dear , You may have already experienced the benefits of CogniGene, the proprietary nutraceutical formulated with 21st century AI technology, modeled from natural remedies and used safely for centuries However, the ARI team is always innovating and now is proud to share our newest CogniGene – a revised formulation. It is still based on all-natural herbal remedies and formulated in FDA inspected…
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