“NO” to Aging

We’re saying “no” to aging, because for the first time in history, we are empowered.

Now, instead of just having an exponential force working against us… we have exponential forces working FOR us.

Technologies that are slowing aging… and that will reverse aging… are starting to overtake the forces of nature that age and kill us. Each year brings more and faster progress. So, while risks increase with age, so does progress. It won’t be long before that progress overtakes aging-related risks… and we reach a Longevity Escape Velocity where we’re able to add more than a year to nearly everyone’s expected life span with each calendar year.

Then, instead of closing in on the end, your actuarially calculated day of reckoning will move farther away from you with each passing year.

Who Says Aging Can Be REVERSED?

  • Internationally acclaimed Harvard geneticist, Dr. George Church
  • Google Director of Engineering, Ray Kurzweil
  • Peter Thiel and other Silicon Valley billionaires who know where technology is headed
  • Calico, an Alphabet, Inc (Google) subsidiary
  • Life Extension Foundation
  • World’s most famous gerontologist, Dr. Aubrey de Grey
  • Thousands of scientists and researchers and scientists worldwide

Each year brings more breakthroughs and more prominent people agreeing with and supporting radical life extension.

As always, do everything in your power to extend your healthy lifespan with what you know how to do. If you need help, go to Amazon and get a copy of Smart, Strong and Sexy at 100.

Now is the most costly time to roll the dice with your health.

Key Age Reversal Technologies

We believe cell and gene therapies are the quickest and most effective path to cure virtually every aging related disease and condition… and are our most powerful tools to address the aging process itself.

Cells are the basic building blocks of all living things. The human body is composed of trillions of them. Within our cells are thousands of genes that provide the information for the production of specific proteins and enzymes that make muscles, bones, and blood, which in turn support most of our body’s functions, such as digestion, making energy, and growing.

A defective gene or genes can make you sick.

Recognizing this, scientists have been working for decades on ways to modify genes or replace faulty genes with healthy ones to treat, cure or prevent a disease or medical condition.

Gene Therapy

In gene therapy, scientists can do one of several things depending on the problem that is present:

  • They can replace a gene that causes a medical problem with one that does not.
  • Add genes to help the body to fight or treat disease
  • Or turn off genes that are causing problems

In order to insert new genes directly into cells, scientists use a vehicle called a “vector” which is genetically engineered to deliver the gene.

Viruses, for example, have a natural ability to deliver genetic material into cells, and therefore, can be used as vectors. Before, a virus can be used to carry therapeutic genes into human cells, it is modified to remove its ability to cause an infectious disease.

Gene therapy can be used to modify cells inside or outside the body. When it’s done inside the body, a doctor will inject the vector carrying the gene directly into the part of the body that has defective cells.

In gene therapy that is used to modify cells outside of the body, tissue can be taken from a patient, and specific types of cells can be separated out in the lab. The vector containing the desired gene is introduced into these cells. The cells are left to multiply in the laboratory, and are then injected back into the patient, where they continue to multiply and eventually produce the desired effect.

What Gene Therapy Can Do

Gene therapy offers the ability to permanently correct a disease at its most basic level, the genome. And could offer cures for many conditions that are considered incurable at this time. It is a flexible treatment option and gene therapy has the potential to treat a variety of illnesses… and seemingly aging itself. Gene therapy offers patient alternatives to regular daily maintenance. Patients suffering from life-threatening disease are often forced to endure swallowing pills or daily/weekly injections to treat and/or monitor their disease. Gene therapy could ease the burden of enduring the disease by offering the promise of 1-2 treatment injections in a patient’s lifetime with no need for long-term follow-up. With the remarkable progress in genetics, we believe gene therapy will prove to play an increasingly prominent and transformative role in medicine. MaxLife supports gene therapy research for…
  • Aging
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Muscle Wasting
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Mitochondrial Dysfunction
  • Immune System Disfunction

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