Life Extension Foundation

Life Extension Foundation

Life Extension is the world's largest direct supplier of anti-aging products, information and services. Life Extension Foundation has been in business for over 30 years and is a not for profit organization which donates proceeds of the sale of supplements and other products to anti-aging research.

This group is a highly reliable producer of reasonably priced, high-potency pharmaceutical grade supplements and a terrific source of current health and research information.

Life Extension memberships include a copy of Disease Prevention and Treatment, a 1,408 page reference manual (cost over $1 million to produce), 12-24 monthly issues of Life Extension Magazine and 25-50% discounts on all Life Extension products. Members also get free consultations with qualified nutritionists and health experts as well free consultations with a cancer specialist.

This organization supports Maximum Life Foundation's program to reverse human aging. They have generously offered to reward MaxLife donors with free memberships.

So invest in your youthful healthy future by donating to Maximum Life Foundation. Act now while this offer is still available.